"Versatile Applications of TADs, The Evolution and Future Developments"
BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia 6-8 September 2018


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The technology of orthodontic appliances has grown tremendously in the last few decades, which one of them is the orthodontic micro implant or also known as mini screws or also called commonly as temporary anchorage devices (TADs). Since its inception, it has become a new paradigm and currently being widely used in almost all aspects in orthodontics treatment mechanics to achieve better results, especially in challenging cases.
It is obviously an honor for the Indonesian Association of Orthodontists (IAO) to be trusted to host the 10th World Implant Orthodontic Conference (WIOC) in September 2018 in conjunction with our own 13th IAO Annual Meeting. The conference will take place at a world class convention center, the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), located at the secured complex of Nusa Dua. This certainly will be an enormous activity in 2018 with currently members of IAO nearly 650 orthodontists and local orthodontic resident approximately 200 people and World Implant Orthodontics Association (WIOA) members from various regions of the world such as America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Australia. Thus, it could be guaranteed that the minimum target participants who will attend are more than 800 orthodontists.
The main scientific activities of this event are seminars with international caliber speakers, workshops, hands-on, courses, oral and poster scientific awards. In addition to the main activities, product knowledge dental trade exhibition, and other social activities such as welcome reception, gala dinner with expert, gathering and others. All programs will provide a deeper understanding and education on technology and product made it more closely the companies with the participants personally.
Based on those matters, the cooperation and support between the Organizers of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO annual meeting with international and national companies in the field of orthodontics specialties, dentistry, medicine, pharmaceutical, banking, hotel accommodation, automotive, etc. will greatly benefit which is very promising. For that purpose, we offered several programs cooperation packages that could be implement so that one of the objectives of this event is to bring TADs technology in particularly and orthodontics specialization field in general can be achieved.
I welcome all of you to join 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018, see you in Bali, September 2018.
Sincerely Yours,
Fadli Jazaldi
Chairperson of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018