"Versatile Applications of TADs, The Evolution and Future Developments"
BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia 6-8 September 2018


Indonesian Association of Orthodontists ( IAO )

The Indonesian Association of Orthodontists (IAO) was initially founded in 1974 and up to now it has nearly 700 over active members which are regionally coordinated under 5 regional branches, such as: North Sumatera, Greater Jakarta, West Java, Jogjakarta and Central Java, East Java and South Sulawesi.

The IAO is the only recognized organization in Indonesia that accommodates all Indonesian orthodontists to congregate and to promote their orthodontic knowledge and clinical skills, thus increasing orthodontic treatment quality in Indonesia. Recently, Dr Krisnawati E Tarman, Sp.Ort(K) has been re-elected for her second term as the President of IAO, hence she will continue to lead the organization to have an active role in fostering orthodontic networking and friendship nationally as well as regionally within the Asia Pacific region (APOS) and within the global stage (WFO/WIOA).

In September 2016, IAO hosted a successful and memorable regional event the 10thAPOC 2016 (Asian Pacific of Orthodontist Conference) where nearly 1000 participants attended from 36 countries around the world. And next year, the IAO will once again host another prestigious world class orthodontic conference, the 10th World Implant Orthodontic Conference (WIOC) and 13th Indonesian Association of Orthodontists (IAO) Annual Meeting in the picturesque island of Bali, Indonesia. We are confident without hesitation that this conference will be another successful event for all of us.

See you in Bali 2018!!!