"Versatile Applications of TADs, The Evolution and Future Developments"
BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia 6-8 September 2018


10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018 offers companies and organizers various types of sponsorship to get optimum impact and value for your sponsorship money. This event provides a valuable commercial platiorm to meet and interact with over 1000 delegates from orthodontic societies and various prestigious companies and organizations involved in the related industry worldwide.

The sponsorship options are designed to allow each sponsor unique ways of associating brands or message with different aspects of the meeting. The Sponsorship opportunities are available in various categories include Corporate Sponsorship, Printing Arrangement, Advertisement, Conference Kits, Social Programs, and Others.

Corporate Sponsorship
The Corporate Sponsorship offers to companies exclusive branding, prior and during 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018. It is designed to enhance a sponsor’s visibility and presence on the Meeting site. There are four main types of Corporate Sponsorship, i.e. Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Social Programs
Sponsor one of the Social Programs during the 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018 and leave a lasting impression in the minds of all your guests. Every VVIP, dignitary, delegates, and speakers are invited to these get-togethers in more informal surroundings and unwind atier the busy professional programs. Our sponsor is invited to work with us to create unique presentation that will be remembered long atier the event. The Social Programs include Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, and Tours.

Meals-coffee break
Sponsoring one of our Coffee Breaks will raise your profile and have the opportunity to distribute promotional materials or gitis and network with the industry leaders atiending 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018.

Printing Arrangement
Sponsors are invited to sponsor various print materials which will provide high level exposure for companies and organizations. Sponsor is also invited to advertise at the best spot of the Program Book of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018. Considering its limited space, sponsor is advised to reserve the space in advance as early as possible.

Other opportunity for advertising company/organization products and services is available on the Official Website of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018 as well as at the running pages of Program Book of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018.

Conference Kits
Sponsorship of the Conference Kits represents a unique opportunity to promote your company / organization in a very prominent and visual way. Sponsor can provide these items branded with company/organization logo. The Conference Kits consist of Delegate Bag, Block Note and Pen, and Proceeding (CD).

Registration Counter
Sponsoring the Registration Counter ensures your company/organization image is communication to all delegates, speakers, guests, exhibitors, and visitors arriving at the Meeting. With company/organization logo featured at the Registration Counter, it can guarantee that your brand will never be out of view.

Internet Corner
The company/organization sponsoring the Internet Corner will obtain an undivided atiention from participants who freely access internet at the Internet Corner during the Meeting. Proper signage to the internet corner with company logo will be in place.

Sponsoring the Pennants ensures company/organization image is communicated to participants during the Meeting.

Welcome Banner
Sponsoring the Banners ensures company/organization image is communicated to participants during the Meeting.

Public Stage
An interesting Public Stage will be displayed at the exhibition area during the conference and exhibition show days. The Stage will be allocated at the center of exhibition area.

Scientific Award
The Scientific commitiee would like to organize 4 (four) categories of scientific award during the conference. We believe, this could be a very prestigious opportunity to take part and active role for the positive scientific program.

All sponsorship opportunities will be based on first-come-first-served basis. Acceptance of sponsorship will be confirmed by the Organizer by written fax or email. All sponsorship opportunity updates will be informed on the Official Website of 10th WIOC & 13th IAO Annual Meeting 2018.